Croatia Dental Clinic in Split

Patient 1

Patient came to our clinic wanting to have a more esthetic smile (picture 1). A dental plan was made where we would whiten her teeth and make three veneers and one porcelain crown on her front upper teeth. We first whitened her teeth (picture 2). We then prepared her teeth for the veneers and crown (picture 3). The crown and veneers were finally cemented (picture 4).

Patient 2

Patient 2 came to our clinic and wanted to change the appearance of his teeth (picture 1). His upper front teeth were short and worn down. He wanted longer upper teeth that could be seen when he smiles & talks and for them to be whiter. It was decided that we would make 8 crowns for his upper teeth, whiten his lower teeth, and replace fillings in the lower teeth with inlays. We first shaved down the upper teeth in preparation for the crowns (picture 2). After a week, we placed the crowns. Even though the patient’s teeth were made longer, we maintained a natural bite (picture 3) and others can now see his teeth when he smiles and talks (picture 4).

Patient 3

Patient 3 has always had a gap between the upper central incisors and canine teeth on both sides of his mouth (picture 1). His two lateral incisors never grew out and he wanted to fill the gap and have a full set of teeth. Because the central incisors were large and the gaps were small, it was decided to make a four unit bridge made of porcelain fused to zirconium. The two front teeth needed to me shaved down as little as possible to support the bridge (picture 2). The 4 unit bridge was made where the central incisors were made smaller to give more space for the lateral incisors which gave the patient a more natural look (picture 3). The patient also whitened his teeth using the Beyond system, and now he has a beautiful aesthetic smile with a full set of teeth (picture 4).