Croatia Dental Clinic in Split
"Split-Dent" is a dental clinic located in Split, Croatia that was formed as a joint cooperation between the dental office of dr. Blazenka Bilandzic and the dental laboratory of Jasna Jakelic. This union between one of the best-equipped dental office and most up-to-date dental laboratory in all of Croatia became inevitable with the high demand and expectations of our patients that come from all around the globe. The team at the clinic includes two dentists, oral surgeon, and a large staff of dental technicians & assistants. Meet the team:

Dr. Blazenka Bilandzic

Dr. Blazenka Bilandžic, born in 1968, graduated from Zagreb University in 1996 and specializes in prosthetic dentistry. After years of working in a state dental clinic, she opened her private dental practice in 2001.  She is dedicated to providing patients with the latest dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Blazenka has also appeared on RTL Television and has been featured in several newspaper columns relating to her dental practice.


Jasna Jakelic

Jasna Jakelic is the owner of the dental laboratory and is also the head technician. Born in 1969, she graduated from Dental Technical School in Zagreb in 1988. After years of work, she opened her own laboratory in Split in 1994. Since that time, she has strived to be ahead of the technical advances in the field of prosthetics. Her lab was the first in Croatia to make non-metal bridges made of zirconium and the lab is also the only one in the region that uses the CAD/CAM system. Besides taking part in many seminars and being a recipient of numerous certificates in her field, Jasna Jakelic also gives instructions in use of dental articulators in functional diagnosis and in the use of the CAD/CAM system.


Dr. Luka Prolic

Dr. Luka Prolic, born in 1969, is an oral surgeon and graduate of Zagreb Univerisity. He is the dental implant specialist and performs other procedures such as wisdom tooth removal and bone grafting with expertise.


The Dental Office Staff

The dental office staff wants you to have the best dental experience possible. Their goal is to offer high quality professional dental treatment in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


The Dental Laboratory Staff

The dental laboratory staff consists of a team of highly certified technicians and assistants. With years of experience, the dental laboratory prides itself on its high quality esthetic dentistry.