Croatia Dental Clinic in Split

Intra-Oral Camera

With the use of a digital Intra-Oral Camera, the Split-Dent staff can show you exactly what is going on in your mouth. Our goal is to gain your trust and confidence by showing you exactly what we see. By explaining the philosophy of restoring teeth we can be on the same page and not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!

RVG (Digital X-Rays)

We use digital x-rays which allows us to use up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Also by having the x-rays appear on the computer screen we are able to show our patients exactly what we see and explain any significant findings.

CAD/CAM System

The newest technology to enter dentistry is the CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system. This technology utilizes an imaging camera, a computer, and a mill to produce Fixed Dental Prosthetics, (dental crowns and bridges). With this ultimate lab-based technology you can expect superb precision, astounding artistry and a perfect fit the first time & every time. Our clinic uses the Kavo Everest system which is the only CAD/CAM system on the market with five-axis milling technology.

Shadepilot (Shade Measuring Device)

We use the Shadepilot™ by DeguDent to analyze our patients tooth shade in different variances. With one simple click, this cordless device analyzes the color of teeth and offers totally accurate evaluation of spectral data, unaffected by light sources in the surgery or other ambient light. The detailed color analysis ensures that each dental restoration matches the tooth it replaced and those around it.

BEYOND (Teeth whitening system in only 40 minutes)

Developed by an engineering team in California's Silicon Valley, Beyond uses high-intensity blue light at a wavelength of 480 to 520 nanometers. The light is filtered through over 12,000 fibers and 30 layers of coated optical glass to remove infrared and ultraviolet light. Used together with our special whitening formula, the half-hour procedure rapidly oxidizes 16 or more teeth through the dentin tube, restoring them to a beautiful white. It scores a 5 to 14 level of shade improvement on the Vita shade guide. The Beyond whitening system leaves teeth whiter and shinier than other similar processes.